Stephen ministry

Stephen Ministry is a one-to-one lay caring ministry.  Stephen Ministers are gifted by God to provide care, but also rigorously trained.  Stephen Ministry allows Christians to provide distinctively Christian care to those who are experiencing difficult times.  Stephen Ministers also participate in supervision which ensures quality care is being provided. 

People experiencing difficult times and needing care can contact Pastor Tom or Craig Myles.  One of the hallmarks of Stephen Ministry is confidentiality, so you can be assured no one will know you have requested or are receiving care.

Our Stephen Ministry program is in the middle of its launch, so we are not presently offering care, however if you need care, please continue to see Pastor Tom.  If God has gifted you with the ability to care and and walk with people during difficult times, please answer the call and speak with Craig Myles or Carol Ponder. 

Click on the Stephen Ministry logo to the left to learn more about Stephen Ministry.  

Why does FBC have stephen ministry?

There are many reasons we are becoming a Stephen Ministry Church.

The Bible calls for Christians to bear one another's burdens.  In walking with people who are experiencing difficult circumstances, we fulfill that command.  

The Bible also calls for Christians to love one another.  Providing care for people during some of the most difficult times in life (death, divorce, sickness) is how Christians can show the household of faith and fellow man that we do love.

Pastors cannot be everywhere at all times.  They simply cannot on their own fully and adequately meet the caring needs of an assembly.  Stephen Ministry helps fill that gap and provide long term care that a pastor may not be able to provide.