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THREAD 2 SEW Group:  the 2nd Saturday of each month, from 10:00am - 3:00pm.

      Meet in FBC Rancho Fellowship Hall and join us for a potluck lunch

      ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME. Come as a student, or come as a teacher. There's a place for everyone!

Our mission is to create items in love for those who are presently less fortunate. We want to extend our love through Jesus Christ and provide for needs that include making backpacks, dresses, pillows, stuffed animals, bibs (large and small), decorative dish towels, and a variety of bags for individuals with a need to carry their valuables on their person at all times.  

       DONATIONS:  We will always readily and graciously accept sewing supplies:  from material, yarn, and               ribbons, to thread, needles, scissors, and even sewing machines. Any items that would help with sewing,         knitting, crocheting, or making jewelry are always welcome. Thank you for your contributions!

Please call our office with any questions. (916) 635-4672