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The Mighty Men is FBC's men's ministry.  We meet every other Monday at 6pm for bible study in addition to Mighty Good Breakfast one Saturday each month.  Mighty Men is built on the principles of biblical study, the fellowship of brothers and service to the kingdom.  Mighty Men uniquely focuses on men's issues and what the Bible says about those issues.  We seek to encourage one another as a group of men so that we most effectively serve Christ's church. 

Every man is able to pour something into the life of another man.  Please join us for what you may get, but please stay for what you can give!   

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What are the Mighty Men Studying?

February 2020 -  Character Studies - Bible Heroes     

The Mighty Men have started a verse by verse study that walks through the books of 1st and 2nd Samuel, 1st and 2nd Kings, Titus and Timothy as we labor to unlock biblical truths for today's man.

02-10  2 Sam 12     

02-22  2 Sam 12-pt2       

03-09  2 Sam 13    

January 2019 - January 2020     Headship / Leadership

The Mighty Men embarked on a journey through "Headship & Leadership"-a foundational study diving into man's God-given role for their sphere of influence. God guided us through topical components comprising the special spiritual mantle of care and accountability His plan has divinely appointed for us. He walked us through a deep dive into our relationship with Him, to better understand how we were crafted to be in His presence, how much our daily interactions meant to Him in the Garden, and what great lengths He would go to restore that Relationship. 

His singularity of mission helps us now to better reset our priorities, and as we focus on Him as the center of our universe (instead of ourselves) we are discovering that the daily dialogue He paid such a high price to restore, begins to come easier and easier. He is unfolding more about Him, and ourselves, as we discover this beautiful Relationship with our Almighty Creator!

We are excited that you are here to join us on this journey! 

You may send any questions by email here.

Wk 1 (1/26) Battle for our Minds, Mark 3:27, 2 Cor 10:3-5, Joshua 24:15   

Wk 2   (2/4) Where is our Sight? Rev 3:17, Prov 29:18, Mark 10:46-52   

Wk 3 (2/18) HIS Side of the Relationship, Gen 1:26-27, Gen 2:7, Luke 23:34, Matt 27:46   

Wk 4   (3/4) Relationship with Him Begins  

Wk 5 (3/18) Relationship w/Him=Unity w/all Brethren

Wk 6 (3/23) Relationship w/Him-For Communication

Wk 7   (4/1) Relationship w/Him-Restores our Confidence

Wk 8 (4/15) Relationship w/Him-Brings PEACE   

Wk 9 (4/29) Relationship w/Him-Brings Responsibilities    

Wk 10 (5/13) Relationship w/Him-FOLLOWING Him   

Wk 11 (5/25) Relationship w/Him-Power Within Us   

Wk 12 (6/3) Discipleship Intro-from Relationship>Headship   

Wk 14 (7/8) Discipleship=Cornerstone of Relationship & Headship  

Wk 15 (7/22) Discipleship-Surrendering our Purpose to His   

Wk 16 (8/5) Discipleship-Surrendering our Talents, Gifts, & Calling   

Wk 17 (8/19) Discipleship-Jesus on Spiritual Accountability of Talents & Gifts   

Wk 18 (9/9) David's Calling, Communication w/God, 1 Sam 16   

Wk 19 (9/23) David's Calling, Pt 2, Begins w/Humility, 1 Sam 16     

Wk 20

Wk 21

Wk 22

Wk 23

Wk 24

Wk 25

Wk 26

Wk 27

Wk 28   

2018 - 2019   Character Studies - Bible Heroes     

The Mighty Men Bible study is a verse by verse book study covering 1st and 2nd Samuel, 1st Kings, Titus and Timothy.  We have also explored the books of Hosea and Genesis doing an in depth study on the men, Moses and Hosea, in unlocking biblical truths for today's man.


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